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Atul Shevade

Atul Shevade was the CTO at Corporate Imaging Concepts, LLC (CIC), one of the top-25 distributors in the promotional products industry. CIC’s focus on technology, automation and integration was instrumental in consistently delivering margins significantly higher than the industry average. In 2016, CIC was acquired by NY based Private Equity, Berkley Capital. Atul was also the founder of iMenu360, a high frequency online ordering platform for restaurants, which was successfully sold before he joined CIC. Born of his experience at CIC, Atul is the founder of Aturian, LLC, the leading ERP solutions designed for distributors in the promotional space. Distributors face daunting challenges in a fiercely competitive environment and Aturian was developed to support their unique needs.
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Industry Trends
December 28, 2020

Succeeding in the new normal

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on business success worldwide. Promotional products businesses will need to adjust to the rapidly evolving new normal by reimagining the relationship between suppliers, distributors and service providers.
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