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Are you passionate about customers? Do you consider yourself privileged if customers use the product that you stand by? Do you take a customer problem as a challenge that needs to be fixed ASAP?

Does an application bug keep you awake at night? Do you have the passion to write up the issue elegantly and immediately to ensure that the technology team can address it quickly? Is the customer's smile and thank you for that effort worth every thing for you? If 'yes' to all of the above, you meet our "attitude profile"!

While skills are critical, its the attitude that counts. We are looking for sharp minds that understand accounting, recognize the immense role that technology plays ... and minds that are completely at home with things on the web. We'd love to hear from you if you fit our "attitude profile" and, if you have the motivation and drive to serve the best customers in the world!

Account Manager

Manage existing accounts and new clients as they come onboard
We are looking for a mind that is hungry to wear multiple hats.  As you become an expert in our software, you will help us build teams and processes around customer service, onboarding, training and more.  With our rapid software releases and tight-knit community of customers, you’ll play a critical role between customers, technology, and business.

What you’ll do:

Become a product expert:
Our system’s functionalities vary from the simple processes of proposals and cutting purchase orders to inventory management and accounting journals.  You’ll become a master at accounting principles and designing technology to that directly drives business efficiencies.

Curate the customer service experience: As a product expert, you’ll help improve everything from our help documentation to enterprise account meetings.

Train the trainers: As new customers sign up to use our platform each month, you’ll lead training sessions designed towards rapid adoption of the fundamentals required for each user to perform their daily operations.

Shape the future of an industry: As you become more and more intimate with the software, the industry, and our customers, you’ll join our product design team as they look to continually add features that cater towards a web-based ecommerce filled future.

Hire your replacement:  As a small company, we want to see you succeed and further improve the processes we already have.  You’ll have the opportunity to grow your own team.

Reach out to us at jobs@aturian.com


Do you understand distributors in promotional products industry?
We are passionate about offering a solution that makes a material change in the way distributors run their business. Participate in supporting distributors who are eager to embrace change with a professional product that strives to change the paradigm. Work with distributors who look at the current environment and see it as an opportunity instead of being bogged down by the downpour of miserable news from politics-to-pandemic. Yes, the pandemic brush-fire is a devastating event but it is also a source of opportunity for the new thinking to thrive.

Aturian provides the framework and the tools for distributors to succeed in the new environment emerging from the post-pandemic wildfire. Are you up to helping our prospects understand what we have? Adopting change is often against human nature and of course its not easy! If you are willing to take up the challenge, talk to us! We'd love to hear from you.

You will:

... act as a hunter and farmer of accounts, consistently increasing your book of business and building on the relationships made with current and new prospects.

... capture the interest of new customers by demonstrating our high-quality solution after receiving hands-on training.

... achieve sales objectives on a plan for success designed specifically for you.

...enjoy the freedom of managing your time and working independently, including developing your own route and schedule.

... exhibit detailed product knowledge when assessing customers’ needs.

Does this sound like the job for you? Apply now! Come grow with us!

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